SBL Network Service Terms and Conditions

  Welcome to (the website). This site is apublic forum. In order to preserve public order and social stability,please conscientiously abide the terms and conditions below:

  Confirmation and Acceptation to SBL Service Terms and Conditions

  All the electronic service and operation in SBL website are owned by SBL Co.,Ltd. The service SBL website provides will be carried out in accordance with constitution,service terms,and operational regulations it issued. Only by accepting all service terms and completing registration,will auser become aformal one in SBL website.

  1. Service Summary

  Based on the importance that SBL website provides network service,user should agree to:

  1.1. Provide detailed and exact personal information.

  1.2. Update registration information continually to be in time,detailed and exact.

  2. SBL website does not publicity the name,address,email and nickname of users,except the following situation:

  2.1. SBL is authorized by users to leak out information of users.

  2.2. SBL is required by relative law and procedure to provide information of users.

  If the information that users provided contains incorrect content,SBL website reserves the right to end the qualification that users use network service.

  3. The Modification of Service Terms and Conditions and Service

  SBL website has the right to modify service terms and conditions when necessary. There will be important page showing the changed contents,once the service terms and conditions change. Users can cancel the obtained network service on their own initiative,if they do not agree the changed content. Users are deemed to accept the alteration of terms and conditions,if they continue network service. SBL website reserves the right to modify or break off service without notifying users. It exercises the right to modify or break off service without responsibility for users or the third party.

  4. Privacy Policy

  Respecting privacy of users is abasic policy of SBL website. Therefore,about the complement of personal registration mentioned in the second point above,SBL website will never publicity,edit or leak out their registration information and closed-door contents stored in website without the legal authorization of users,except when having been demanded by law or when it,based on sincerity,considers it is necessary to leak out these information in the five situations as follows:

  4.1. Abide relative law and comply with legal procedure in SBL website.

  4.2. Keep and preserve the trademark ownership of original website.

  4.3. Take pains to preserve privacy of individuals and society public under emergence.

  4.4. Accord with other relative requirement.

  4.5. The account,password and safety of users.

  Once succeeding in register,users will be legal in SBL website and will get apassword and ausername. Users will be wholly responsible for security of the username and password. In addition,every user will be responsible for all the action and things done in the name of the username. You can change your password according to instruction at any time. If you find out that your account is used illegally or there exists security problem,please notice us at once.

  5. Not to Provide Warranty

  Users undertake their venture to using network service. SBL website does not warrant the venture of this kind,no matter whether it is definite or implied,but not limit to such ones as commercial privacy warranty,warranty for special purpose and warranty that does not violate regulation. SBL website does not warrant that its service is certain to satisfy the demand of users,does not warrant that its service can not break off and does not warrant the timeliness,safety and happening mistake of service. SBL website does not warrant purchasing service of any goods or transaction in it.

  6. Limited Obligation

  SBL website is not responsible for any direct,indirect,occasional,special and ensuing damage,which may be caused by:using network wrongly,purchasing commodities or service of its kind on the network,transaction on net,using network service illegally or the information that user transmitted is changed. The image of SBL website may be damaged by these behaviors,so it submits the probability beforehand.

  7. Storage and Limitation to the information of users

  SBL website is not responsible for the delete and unsuccessful storage of information that user issued. It reserves the right to tell whether the action of users accords with the requirement and spirit of service terms and conditions in its website. It has the right to break off network service to the user,if the user violates the service terms and conditions.

  8. User Management

  User burdens the responsibility to the content issued by themselves. User uses the service according to all the national,local and international laws,which are suitable for SBL website. User must abide the following:

  8.1. It must accord with pertinent laws and regulations in Chinato transmit technological information from Chinese onshore to outside.

  8.2. Do not use website for illegal usage.

  8.3. Do not disorder website service.

  8.4. Abide all the website agreement,regulation,procedure and convention of using network service.

  User must promise not to transmit any illegal,infest,aspersing,opprobrious,threatening,harmful,vulgar and nasty information,etc. In addition,user can not transmit any information abetting others to crime;can not transmit information facilitating domestic handicap and anything related to national security;can not transmit any information that does not accord with local laws and regulation,national laws and international laws. It is forbidden to enter other systems without permission. If user does not accord with the service terms and conditions mentioned above,SBL website will tell independently and cancel service account of user. User need to undertake illegal obligation to their behavior on net. If user disperses or spreads reactive,sexy information or information violating national laws,SBL website may memory it as the evidence that user violates law.

  9. Guarantee

  User agrees to guarantee and reserve benefit of all members in SBL website,in charge of paying counsel fees that that what user used go beyond service coverage caused and compensation expense of contravening service terms and conditions,etc.

  10. End Service

  Both user and SBL website can break off one or multi-network services at any time according to matter of fact. SBL website can break off service at any moment without responsibility for any individuals or the third party. If user raises an objection to the later changed terms and conditions,or is not satisfied with the service in SBL website,user can wield the right as follows:

  10.1. Stop using network service in SBL website.

  10.2. Announce SBL website to stop serving the user.

  The right that user use network service ends at once,once ending user service. From then on,user has no right and SBL website has no duty to transmit any undone information or any unfinished service to user or the third party.

  11. Announcement

  All announcements,which are sent to user,can be transmitted by the bulletin in key pages or email or common letter. And it can also be transmitted in this form about the change of service terms and conditions,change of service or other key events

  12. Participation in Advertisement Plan

  Users input propagandaor advertisement plan into the information they issued and show their products on free service column in SBL website sometimes Any sales promotion of this kind,including transporting goods,payment,service,business conditions,warranty and description related with advertisement,is only happening between relative users and advertisement dealers. SBL does not burden and at the same time has no duty to burden any responsibility for advertisement sales of this kind.

  13. Ownership

  Network service that SBL website defined includes literal,software,sound,picture,video,diagram and all the contents in advertisement;all in email;other information SBL provides for users. All the contents are protected by copyright,trade marks,tag and other ownership of property laws. Therefore,Only when user is authorized by SBL website and advertisement dealer,can users use these services,otherwise,can not copy,recreate these contents,or create the derived product related to the content. All the articles and copyright in SBL website are owned by the author of the original work and SBL website in common. Any one who need to reprint must ask for the authorization of original author or SBL website.

  14. Law

  Network service terms and conditions will be consistent with the lawful explanation of the People’s Republic of China. Users and SBL website together agree to subordinate all the obedience of the high court. When the service terms and conditions in SBL website are inconsistent with law of the People’s Republic of China,all these will be explained again completely according to legal rule,and other terms and conditions still have legal validity and effect to user.

  If you agree to the terms and conditions above,please enter and click “agreement”;if you disagree to them,please return and click “refuse”.